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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we are keeping a close eye on your morning commute.mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 9.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's get to the forecast. there were five inch totals in marin county. it never stopped yesterday. santa cruz mountains -- we are about done. >> for this storm but not january. there were two systems. the first was the steady rain yesterday. one thing that never materialized was the wind. the heavy rain did
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roads there in could mean challenge commute for day to. will you know what it's doing coming up. the good news we are about
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done. i think toward the east and south we are still dealing with moisture. you can see the circulation heading east. 11 update on the forecast coming up.
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welcome back. president trump's order to end legal protections for immigrants from el salvador to affect 50,000 people in california.
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the white house says it will revoke special protected status for salvadorans in september of next year. many fled their country in the wake of two devastating earthquakes in 2001 the was granted them legal entry and gave them social security numbers, work permits and driver's licenses. >> with this administration everything is going to be hard. this administration, before he started he said i'm going to kick everybody out. >> right now 200,000 salvadorans who entered under protected status live in the u.s. and many are raising children who are legal citizens. they were born here. advocates will hold a forum this saturday at the salvadoran consulate in san francisco. senator dianne feinstein said she and two of the lawmakers have introduced legislation to provide -- permanent protection. after oprah winfrey delivered that powerful speech at sunday's golden globes awards, some people want her to
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run for president in 2020. as jana katsuyama reports, this may not be as far-fetched as it may sound. >> so i want all the girls watching here, now, no -- to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: oprah winfrey's rousing golden globe speech on sunday has some people calling for oprah to make a run for president. >> it it is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice. >> reporter: within 24 hours, hashtags on social media were calling for #oprah2020. her partner said the la times it's up to the people. she would do it. >> we can see why many people think she would be an attractive candidate. she is smart.
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she savvy and a great public speaker. >> reporter: the assistant director of uc berkeley's institute of governmental studies said donald trump lisa new path to the presidency winning with no previous political experience at a time when many voters are dissatisfied with politicians. >> that sentiment still exists. that may make it a right moment for another celebrity to win a party's nomination. >> reporter: but she said oprah winfrey has not been vetted. a lot can change in the next two years and it's too early to predict the may emerge as the best candidate. >> joe biden. bernie sanders. elizabeth warren. cory booker. the list is very long of the people who potentially could run in 2020. >> reporter: at the north berkeley bart station, reactions were mixed. >> she's come from the lower class and raised herself up and really made a difference with her own hard work and i think that's an important value. >> i say go for it.
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she's a woman. she's an african-american woman. i think should make a wonderful president. >> policy is more important than personality. >> the idea that sounds good but she doesn't have any political experience and i think people providing a lot of the dissatisfaction with the current president. i think many people will go for whatever looks different and better. >> oprah's golden globe speech gave weight watchers investors something to cheer about. the company's stock soared. it jumped 13% because of the speculation about a possible 2020 whitehouse one oprah is a board member, shareholder and endorser of weight watchers. she uses weight watchers and it's working. she looks fabulous. 4:15 am.let's check in with sal. unfortunately it's going to be another busy morning i would imagine. it's a mess out there. >> i think today maybe slightly better but we already have come in the last hour, at least 10 accidents reported. many are fender bender accidents. people running into standing
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water and their star call -- car stalling out. for the most bound traffic on 101 from gilroy to morgan hill and into san jose looks pretty good. there are no major problems driving through. the traffic continues to move along well. there are no problems for the south bay commute. we are also looking at 280 in san jose. a live picture where traffic is moving along well getting up to highway 17. westbound bay bridge traffic is moving well. state route 116, there is a crash and traffic is going to be a little slow. it looks like it's a non--- a minor injury crash. someone is trapped in the vehicle. let's get the forecast. it's an improving forecast. most of the rain will be ending soon. everything is pushing east and south. there is a little left but not much. we are on the backside of all of this and we will start to
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get breaks in the clouds. this is six hours old. the luxembourg total. canfield had 5.25 in 24 hours. our system is moving rapidly. the sum moving from the south and north and we have an urban and small stream flood advisory for lake county until 9:15 i'm pretty sure it's 5:30 for them. other areas in the sacramento valley will continue until 9:15. for us, we had two systems. a weak system coming from the south and southwest, that produced steady rain. and then the front and the low. that went a little south, mainly toward the santa cruz mountains and monterey. there's not much left. a little toward lake county and eastern celano and contra costa county and vacaville. also rio vista. you can see fairfield and out to the valley. down 20 altamont pass there may be a little there as well
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between livermore and tracy and up to discovery bay. there still some holding on toward san jose and milpitas but a lot of this has moved into the east san jose footholds and the santa clara valley. a little left in the santa cruz mountains but we are about done. southern california is not. they are now starting to get the rain. san diego has had good rain. because of the rain and santa barbara for the burned areas, they have a flash flood warning that will go until 5:30. there will be some moderate to heavy rain there. 40s and 50s for the temperatures but the cool air will work its way and. 50s for most. cloverdale, 52. i expect some of these to the north to go down a little bit. look at the breeze. it never materialized yesterday. it was almost all rain in the sierra. a beneficial system for us. we will take the rain but they could use the snow.
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the system is pushing out of the area and we will be on the dry side. there will be another system clipping us on thursday. more to the north. most of the rain will be out of the picture after a really impressive system. it looks good going into the weekend. there are signs next week we make it back into the rain. around the 16th or the 17th. 4:19 am. former vice president joe biden is in the bay area today, scheduled to be interviewed by the uc president. at the jewish community center of san francisco tonight. joe biden is on a book tour for his newly published memoir called, promise me died.'s appearance at the jewish community center is scheduled for 7:00. president trump signed a bill to make the birthplace of doctor martin luther king jr. in atlanta a national historic park. the president signed the bill last night aboard air force one on his way to atlanta to attend a national college football
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championship game. the historical site in atlanta already includes doctor king's birthplace, the church where he was baptized and where he is buried. the legislation signed upgrades the designation to a national historic park and expands it to include the prince hall masonic temple. that was the headquarters of the southern christian leadership conference that was cofounded by doctor king. next monday is the mlk federal holiday. 4:20 am. when president trump attended last night's college football championship game, that included on the field appearance during the national anthem. protesters were demonstrating outside the stadium. the values of many homes in the bay area continue to skyrocket. we will tell you about a new study that finds two of the top five hottest markets in the country are right here.
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welcome back. 4:23. visa is the latest company to reward employees in response to the recently approved tax overhaul. the company says it's raising its match an employee's 401(k) contributions. it will increase its retirement match up to 5% of employee salary up from 3%. visa contributes two dollars for every one dollar and employee contributes. the changes go into effect next month.
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gopro based in san mateo is considered a potential sale after several rounds of layoffs, shrinking sales and a falling stock price. cnbc is reporting gopro hired jp morgan chase to help you find a potential buyer. gopro's stock plummeted 30% on the news. yesterday the company said it's shutting down its drone division. restaurant chain, red robin, says it's firing busboys in response to minimum wage increases. the company says it's eliminating the position at all of its restaurants because of increased labor costs. the cost -- the company estimates it will save $8 million. apple issued a software update to fix a security problem aiming at protecting users from a microchip vulnerability known as spector. the latest update includes security improvements to apple's safari browser. apple is urging iphone and ipad users to update your software immediately. the experts say right now there is no evidence suggesting the
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security flaw has been exploited. facebook is stopping its personal assistance service. the company says it's not working as well as they expected. it would swap out words for emojis among other features. many users said it would guess the emoji wrong. the program will stop later this month. this morning real estate website, zillow, has announced his production for the hottest housing markets in the country. san jose tops the list where home values are expected to rise nearly 9% in 2018. home values in the silicon valley gained 17% over the past year. the average cost for a home in san jose is now more than $1.1 million. san francisco comes in fifth on the hottest housing market list. zillow estimates home values there will rise more than 3%. median cost for a home in san francisco right now is just about $900,000.
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british airways is getting rid of those reclining seats on some of its flights. the new seats will only be installed on short-haul flights lasting less than four hours. and the airline says the seats will be set at a slight recline so passengers aren't too uncomfortable. the company will also install more power outlets and soon start offering in-flight wi-fi. british airways says the changes will allow it to lower ticket prices. the international consumer electronic show opens to the public today in las vegas. the expo has been around since the 1950s and has the latest and greatest in technology. this year's show offers tvs and personal drone taxis. smart home technology is also a big focus. that includes the closet that will fold your clothing for your. >> are you kidding? >> there are multiple arms in there and multiple cameras. >> you can take any lightbulb you have and simply screw it
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into the socket and it instantly becomes a smart. now you're able to communicate with all of your devices and your home automation in a really simple way. >> during our 7:00 hour we will take you live to las vegas for ces 2018. we will show you those gadgets. the closet that folger clothing, it's about $2000 available next year. but it will folger clothing. in case you did not know, it's still raining across the bay area. there is still big risks for many areas in the north bay. we will look at the conditions there, next. and a new way to lock your bike at bart stations. the system available today that will hopefully reduced thefts. right now we do have a traffic that is going to be affected by the wet roads.
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here is a live picture of northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. rain is about done for us. there is a little bit left but not before some impressive rain totals. we will look at those and see when the next rain may show up.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, january 9.i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. if you're wondering how long this rain will last, we will check in with steve. >> it's about done. it was nonstop and i think every county yesterday. one of those rare ones. we don't see those too often. we did yesterday and it continued through most of the night. it is tapering off. some really impressive rain totals for 24 hours. it's been a while since we've seen this.


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